Our Journey

A Tale of Love, Innovation,
and Impact

Our Founders' Story


In the early months of 2022, fate brought Adam and Ishwin together.

Overcoming the geographical distance between them, their love blossomed rapidly and profoundly.

Adam's relocation to Kelowna, BC, to build a life with Ishwin marked just the initial chapter of this remarkable narrative.

Discovering a Purpose


United by their love, Adam and Ishwin's shared journey unveiled a poignant need within the LGBTQ+ community.

In response, they gave life to the WINDAM Foundation, a non-profit endeavor dedicated to acquiring secure havens and extending support to vulnerable people.

With each acquisition you make, a portion of the proceeds reverberates into the WINDAM Foundation, providing essential aid to LGBTQ+ individuals seeking safe refuge.

Introducing Our Innovation


"How has such a vital product been absent until now?"


This question sparked the creative minds of Adam and Ishwin, driving them to birth Neutri-in. Their enthusiasm and ingenuity identified an unmet necessity within safe sex products. Thus, Neutri-in was conceived from a vision of betterment and well-being.

A Product Beyond Compare


Neutri-in stands unparalleled in its uniqueness.

Infused with probiotics and beneficial bacteria, this creation offers more than just heightened sexual pleasure. It extends its protective embrace to the delicate balance of your anal and vaginal regions, replenishing natural flora.

From daily use to intimate moments and including toys, Neutri-in embraces all facets of intimacy.

At Neutri-in, our essence is woven with love, innovation, and impact.

We invite you to explore our product, vision, and the positive transformation we strive to create.

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